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Lavender, an essential oil for you, your pets, and your plants.

Lavender is known for various functions, but did you know that it can also be used for plants and pets?

For Humans

In our case, lavender is known for its calming scent. It promotes relaxation, a good night's sleep, and also alleviates headaches. Additionally, lavender can help soothe allergic reactions and is very effective against itching.

Did you know that lavender is also great for the skin? I integrate it into my scar roller, especially after experiencing a lot of acne over the past year.

For Animals

Does lavender actually help the same way for animals? Because we want to protect our pets from ectoparasites in spring, lavender is also superb. Lavender has an unpleasant odor for fleas, ticks, flies, moths, and mosquitoes.

I use it myself in combination with the lava bead collar. This way, Fox and Lou are always protected by wearing it.

For Plants

As you read above, this is also good against ectoparasites. I prepare a bottle with water once a week and add a few drops of lavender. This prevents infections in your living room from your plants. You mist the plants, and you're done. Another thing you can do is set up a diffuser with lavender. Humidity is good for your plants, but the irritating scent is also effective against flies.

Do you want it in your home? Click on the photo.

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