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Hi, Hello everyone

Updated: Jan 13

First of all, a happy New Year! Full of love for you, your pets, and may your plants flourish into giants.

Let me reintroduce ourselves! We have some new members, and in January, we are launching our online cours!


I'm Bo, the owner of Pets & Plants. Started as a hobby but quickly turned into a side business. Besides this, I still work full-time at Covetrus.

I graduated as a veterinary nurse in 2020, but after nearly 3 years in this job, it turned out to be physically challenging for me. I have scoliosis, and the lifting became too much for my back.

In March 2023, I decided to work at Covetrus in customer service. I actually help your pets behind the scenes since we are the wholesaler for veterinarians.

Now, a bit more about myself—I'm 25 years old and love being in nature. I prefer to walk with our mascot, Fox. This bear is almost 7 years old and still as crazy as a puppy.

Currently, we're finishing our "must-do" hike. We really want to complete the Mullere-Hal trail as long as we can, doing it in different parts. Fox has hip dysplasia, and unfortunately, in 2023, arthritis was also diagnosed. So, for as long as it lasts, we're going to finish this walk, the entire 112 km. Currently, we've completed 20 km.

So, if you have any accommodation tips, please let me know!

This is us, the duo behind Pets & Plants.

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