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Aroma therapie

Hiernaast vind je het must-have essentiële olieboek terug geschreven door mijn collega Suyen.

Low Tox Living

Are you ready for a change in your life? Get rid of the chemicals and discover low-tox living with Young Living. 

Why do I and my colleagues choose Young Living as our basis for our low to living lifestyle? 

  • High-quality products of high concentration

  • Seed to seal label: is much higher than an organic label

  • Each product is free of chemicals: preservatives, extenders, colorants, added fragrances, ...

  • It can be used in almost every household

  • Also approved for use in animals and children, subject to certain conditions.

How does it work correctly? 

As a person who would like to get to know the products, I will create an account for you, after which you can add people and view your purchases. Here you can also see your commissions, etc. These questions will be answered when we contact you.

You can only purchase your essential oils if you have an account with Young Living. I will arrange this for you. 

Let's Work Together

Do you want to start? Register here and let me know which problem you would like support with. I will contact you via email. So keep an eye on your mailbox. 

Please complete all fields. 

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Ik neem zo snel mogelijk contact op!

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