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This belt contains everything for your outdoor adventures. 

  • Owns the belt
  • A ball holding
  • a long line holder
  •  1 extra rings for hanging a poop bag, for example 
  • with candy bag to slide over your belt. The colors for the waffle fabric candy bag are currently: mint green-blue, wine red, navy blue, brick orange and ocher yellow

Furthermore, the belt is made as standard from 25 mm beta biothane and the accessories are made from 19 mm beta biothane.

You can wear the belt over your shoulder but also around your waist as shown in the photo. You choose the size by measuring your waist or by indicating your over-the-shoulder length. 


In the box for your additional information you can leave which color you would like. You can choose the colors from the color book in the link below. Have fun together.

The adventure belt

PriceFrom €64.99

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