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The Lava pearl bracelets are specially designed with the so-called 'snake' knot. These bracelets are made of paracord type I, making them very strong.


In the box for your additional information you can leave which color you would like. You can choose the colors from the color book in the link below. You can choose a maximum of 2 colors from the paracord type I range for this bracelet. The pearls are always white unless you note a different color in the box from the photo above.

Have fun together.


The lava stone beads made of natural stone - aromatherapy beads for essential oils. The lava stones are suitable for holding essential oil. The lava beads are therefore very suitable for aromatherapy with essential oils. Drip the essential oil on the lava stones for optimal therapeutic effect.

Lava bead bracelet

PriceFrom €12.99

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