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Pot size: 6 cm


The soil of an Epipremnum should always be slightly moist and should not dry out. Just prevent a layer of water from forming at the bottom of the pot. So always feel the soil before you water.


Spraying the Epipremnum has several advantages. Spray the plant occasionally to rid the leaves of dust, this increases the ornamental value and health of the plant. It also works well as preventive pest control.

Light and heat

The Epipremnum is a houseplant that prefers a place with a lot of light or partial shade. The plant cannot tolerate too much direct sunlight. So do not place the plant in front of a south-facing window. The Scindapsus can also be grown in a somewhat dark place, the leaves will then become greener and darker. The lighter the location, the more colorful the leaves. When the leaves of your Epipremnum turn uniformly green, this is a sign that the plant wants more light.

The Epipremnum is a plant that, just like humans, does not like drafts, try to prevent this. A plant will always grow towards the light. This allows the plant to become fuller on one side than on the side where there is less light. To prevent this, you can turn the plant a quarter turn every now and then.


Minimum temperature

Daytime: 16 ℃ Night: 12 ℃

Epipremnum Neon


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