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The EM collars are specially designed with the so-called 'snake' knot. These neck baths are made of paracord type III, making them very strong. 


In the box for your additional information you can leave which color you would like. You can choose the colors from the color book in the link below. You can choose a maximum of 2 colors from the paracord type III range for this collar; The pearls are always white and the finish always has silver-colored pearls. 

Have fun together.


The sign necklace contains EM beads. Effective micro-organisms are baked into the beads. The effectiveness of EM beads is based on the principle that energy can be retained and transferred by binding these properties in baked clay. The beads therefore emit a vibration that we and the dog do not feel, but where the ticks, fleas and lice don't like it.

You "activate" the beads by wetting the beads under the tap and letting them dry in the sun (UV light). You must repeat this every two to three weeks to rinse off the dirt and reactivate the beads.

The band must be worn 24 hours a day and will lose its effect after about 3 to 4 weeks. This operating time depends on the maintenance of your collar. Dirty beads obviously don't work.

EM collar

PriceFrom €13.95

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