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Pot size: 4 cm


The Dracaena is oneair purifying plant and is very suitable as a houseplant, office plant or ornamental plant. The leaves of this tropical dragon tree are green in the core with red edges. The slender leaves form a well-filled crown, are sword-shaped and give the plant a powerful appearance. The Dracaena appreciates a bath! Run a layer of water in a container and let it sour the water for 15 minutes. Do this once a week.

If you water from above, make sure the soil at the top is moist. If the soil on top becomes dry, let it dry for a few days and then water again. The Dracaena is completely happy when it is misted with the plant sprayer.

Atemperature between 18° and 21° C is the best ambient temperature for a Dracaena. When the Dracaena is placed in a light spot, but not in full sun, its leaves color best

Dracaena (2)


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