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the street...
is my catwalk


-Specially for the holidays there is a special collar! take a look at the 'collar' collection!

- All our items are custom made. You are going to download the coloring book and choose the colors from the book. After this you are going to order the item & tell us which color, right?

you leave the color with item and if other color hardware than silver in the note as follows: 'Collar  width color 1 color 2'

an example 'Nature's wave 25 mm red side & black center. If you want a different color hardware than silver, you can also add this to the collar.

-End of year closure: from December 23 to January 2: The webshop will remain open and orders can be placed, these will only be processed from January 2. We will make and ship the order up to and including 18/12 before the end of the year crowds, the orders after this will be delayed, PLEASE NOTE

-NEWS: from January 2 you can find 3 new items on our webshop! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.

On this calendar you can find our future events and workshop dates!

2023 events: 

  • 07/05/2023: Event on the Begijnendijk

  • 09/07/2023 The Ossenwegge dog walk

  • 12/08/2023: JH wollewei summers

  • 09/09/2023: The Dog'Xperience at the Vlierbeek parties.

It all started with a bow tie... 


After adding several items to the hobby, things got a bit out of hand. 

When I got my favorite Fox, I wanted to make things for him myself. It must be strong, durable and waterproof. 

Because Fox pulls on the line, the material must be strong & be qualitative. I had already had quite a few bad experiences with certain brands that made me start to think for myself. These characteristics can all be found at Biothane in combination with properly made hardware, preferably stainless steel.

My idea to use Biothane comes from the emerging trend in equestrian sports. Since I was already active on social media, I also used Instagram & Facebook, created a new sales channel. Here you can follow all my products, items, promotions and events. 


Plants have been a passion and hobby of mine for several years, which is why I have completely turned this concept around. In 2018 I took a course in caring for houseplants, cuttings & to create an urban jungle. Ideal for obtaining tips for care, help with propagating your mother plant & to create a nice composition in your living space(s). From now on I also sell nice plants with matching accessories, potting soil and pots. As a result, the webshop has been given a new name: PETS & PLANTS!

With every purchase of a plant you will also receive information about care, etc.  

Questions or difficulties with caring for your plant? Feel free to send me an email or message.

This can be done via the chat of the webshop or

Since 2023, services have also been added to our range. The services are related to plant and animal care. You can find more about this on our services page. 

The services are provided in my own region: Heusden-Zolder, Beringen and Leopoldsburg. 

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