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Why do you choose for Biothane?

"When we started with FoxBows (as the webshop was originally named), we chose Biothane, but why exactly? Why Biothane and not leather or PPM cord?

Well, I'll tell you in the following points.

Is your dog a real water lover?

My favorite, whom you all know, our Fox, is a true water lover. Consequently, everything he wears gets soaked. The fleece harnesses, the leather collars, the beautiful bandanas. Yes, everything always gets wet when I go for a walk. After almost 7 years, I'm used to everything being wet after a walk because he insists on running through every puddle.

This also caused the material of Fox to take a long time to dry, often just too wet to put away. I don't need to paint a picture of the scents when you leave the fleece harnesses closed in the closet for a day, which would have been better if they had hung to dry for an extra hour. Unfortunately, I've had to throw away quite a few items because of this.

The rope and leather collars were the same. Although leather stayed wet for a long time and really absorbed a lot of water. It could also be due to the quality of the leather. These were my experiences.

With Biothane, I haven't had this problem anymore. If you seal the Biothane well where you cut it and use stainless steel hardware, I really have a few collars that have lasted 4 years. All thanks to the switch to Biothane.

Prefer mud over dry grass?

Well, with water, mud stains and so on also come into play. With Biothane, I just use a soapy solution, rub it with my hands, and voila! My collars and harnesses look brand new again.

Powerful animals? No problem!

Fox pulled a lot on the leash as a puppy, just like the oldest dog at home, Lou, who was also exceptionally good at it. And yes, we tried everything. It had even reached a point where 3 gentle leaders and a slip chain were torn apart.

Biothane is also used in the horse world and is therefore extremely strong and designed for the strength of a horse. I have never experienced tearing due to the strength of a dog in my career and personal experience. This was a no-brainer for me.


Because of the points mentioned above, Biothane is very durable and also a more ecological choice. I find it personally more enjoyable that my animals don't wear leather; that's a bit contradictory for me.

Due to these sustainable points, I have become a big fan of Biothane over the past years."

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