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Stress out handbook (part 2)

This is the continuation of part 1. So if you have not read part 1, I definitely recommend that you scroll down and read part 1 first.

In this part we will talk about reviving your 'happy feelings'. You can purchase this bundle by sending me a message. This bundle is 1 package, the 'feelings kit'.

Supplemented with tips from Suyen (@her.passion.rising).

Happy feelings

It sounds easier than it is. Because I often returned to my lowest point after a 'happy feelings' moment. We want to stay with the happy emotions for as long as possible.

Here I discuss with you the essential oils that can support your cheerfulness and happy emotions.


This is step 1. Releasing your emotions, frustrations and feelings. You can react strongly to this if you are dealing with a lot of emotions.

Every beginning is difficult, so is letting go of that negativity. I did have some trouble with this, I can tell you that. It was also quite intense to become aware of it at times.

This oil supports the release of frustration, anger and negative thoughts. Release also stimulates your memory of trauma. The trauma that we often do not realize, but in a certain sense is present.

Inner Child

This blend has a scent that can stimulate memory response and help you reconnect with your own identity and your inner child. This is one of the first steps to finding emotional balance.

This is a happy oil for me. I think it has a nice scent and it really pulls me together after a tough step or when I'm no longer sure of myself. This oil helped me create a gut feeling that I understand more about.

By understanding myself better, I have started to take more and more steps toward and for myself. As a result, I have certainly grown on a personal level.


Harmony is the essential oil that helps you grow in new situations. This blend supports you in creating a bond with you and yourself. Because being able to take care of yourself and love yourself is also a step towards moving away from negative feelings and thoughts. This helped me in a certain sense similar to the inner-child. I developed a better bond with myself, which also allowed me to take more steps for myself.


Like the blend, it says itself "forgiveness". This blend will help you to forgive what needed to be let go. The situations you have placed yourself in due to stress or negative emotions. It also helps you find forgiveness for a situation that was done to you. It supports giving and taking peace with yourself and others so that you become better. The stressful situations we discussed in the previous blog are such a situation to learn to let go and learn to forgive yourself for this. You don't know how many times I said to myself 'I should have done this much earlier'. This oil helps you with that feeling of guilt towards yourself.


Valor is the essential oil for a boost within yourself. Valor strengthens your self-confidence and self-image so that you can also see that this is what you are doing. It is a This oil is used to start your day positively or to bring a positive end to a long, hard day. This oil helps to inspire and motivate you to complete large assignments. I purchased this oil later than others and this is a certain added value to daring to be happy for yourself to create the next steps towards a happy self.

Present time

The oil at your closing, live your life in the here and now. let go of the past. this is a motivating and inspiring oil to support your new path. This motivating oil supports you with positive thoughts and supports your mental well-being to persevere.


Last out not least the essential oil Joy. This is not included in this kit, but it was and still is very useful to me. This is the oil that I still use every day for a dip. If something goes wrong or the like, this is my go-to after I have my stressor under control. Joy stimulates feelings of love, joy and self-confidence. This essential oil helps you to let go of your poor self-image and helps you to grow in your self-confidence, self-love and to be able to share this with others. This oil is an all-time favorite for me. I struggled a lot with my self-image, but this oil certainly added value to help with this.

Would you like to know more? You can always book a home party or speed date with essential oils so that I can help you on a personal level with a "start to oil".

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