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Stress out handbook (part 1)

In the post I will tell you how I dealt with stress periods, supplemented with tips from Suyen (@her.passion.rising), to support your burnout, stress period, overwehlming.

Supporting stress itself

If we cannot tackle the cause of our stress ourselves, these essential oils can do something for you. These oils supported me during periods of stress.


This oil speaks for itself. This is THE oil for all types of acute emotions, including stress.

Stress-away has the ability to support and relax you both mentally and physically. Rest and relaxation are promoted by this oil.

You can use the oil in various stressful situations that you experience.

I sent the oil or put it on my wrists to better manage my stress. Why on my wrists? I write a lot, so my arms are always in my field of vision where I smell this oil. You can also apply it to your neck as a perfume.

Peace & Calming

The peace & calming is an oil that is used for chronic stress.

The most important property of this oil is to soothe the tensions around you and calm down hyperactivity.

Peace & calming is used to stimulate relaxation, emotional balance and, as the oil itself says, give you peace with yourself, promote emotions and that feeling.

When exactly do we use this oil? Periods when things get more difficult, when you are more afraid to take big steps, to get out of your comfort zone. This oil also supports your sleep.


Vetiver is a strongly calming oil. This oil is ideal to use when the stimuli and negative feelings reach their peak. This oil is a real help in shielding heavy emotional stimuli and promotes emotional balance. This oil is slightly thicker, so it is best to warm it up in your hands if you want to diffuse it. You can also make a nice roller out of it so that you can apply it to your wrists.


This oil was my go-to after a strenuous day or a tough session with my therapist. I have learned that it is so much more than just developing an oil for you, but I mainly used this one for that purpose.

This oil supported me in developing all the stress factors at that moment. When it became too much for me, Suyen also recommended this to me and since then I have used it in the atomizer more often.

On to part two to awaken your 'happy feelings' again

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