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My Skin Transformation

Yes, you read that correctly. In this post I reveal my secrets about the most common problem women have when they come off birth control, that acne that destroys your entire face. That's how it felt to me.

What use has been made since all the tests and tips from the dermatologist could no longer help me and the last solution was to go back on contraception.

Well here is my secret for a house that shines, is happy and with which you dare to go outside without makeup, because oh yes, that makeup is also a culprit.

  1. I washed my face with the charcoal soap. Not the soap from the tube but that 'old-fashioned' lump of soap. Activated carbon ensures that impurities and toxins bind to the carbon. This purifies your skin. This helped very well against clogged pores or acne, which is what we want to prevent here.

  2. After cleansing we will nourish our skin. I do this with the ART serum. Why? This serum contains orchid. Orchid has a restorative and protective function for the skin. Because acne scars are formed. This recovery function will ensure that your skin is recovering.

  3. Here I apply the PPP oil. I have already dedicated an entire post and blog post to this on the webshop and the Instagram page. It is the women's oil for your balance as a woman. A top product. For me, this was the deciding factor in a DRATIC reduction in acne.

  4. I recently added Frankincense to my skin routine. Frakincense is also called the liquid good among us. Not for nothing, of course. I now use this to drastically reduce my scars so that the discolorations in my skin and pigmentation of the scars are not too noticeable. I've only been working on this for a week. This transformation will follow.

  5. Last but not least SUNSCREEN. If you listen to any dermatologist anywhere, you know that sunscreen in your skincare routine is extremely important for healthy and well-protected skin. So I apply a thin layer of sun cream and spread it very well over my entire skin.

Do you have any questions or perhaps tips for me? Be sure to let me know, I will certainly be happy to help you.

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