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My daily boost

How do you start your morning? With a cup of coffee? Did you know that's a shock to your body? I know, everyone drinks coffee, including myself. But as the first thing in the morning, there has been a change. The coffee as the first thing in the morning has been replaced by another boost.

Where do I start now?

I start by creating a Ningxia recipe. Why? Ningxia is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and much more to optimize your body because let's be honest, who still eats the daily portion of 3 pieces of fruit and 200-300 grams of vegetables? I can honestly say that I don't manage that. And so, I don't meet the other needs of my body either. Ningxia also contains excellent antioxidants against the free radicals we come into contact with daily. On top of that, it contains 13% protein, prebiotics, probiotics for your gut flora, and much more.

My experience? It works much better for my morning energy than that cup of coffee. I also notice much less discomfort in my intestines, my skin is even more radiant, and I sleep much better than with coffee or tea. It remains, of course, a ingrained habit, but a lot has already changed in the morning.

What else is involved?

In Ningxia, there are also essential oils that are safe for consumption, and it is a wholefood product. By this, I mean that they also use the puree of the fruit and not just the juice. Young Living's oils have been tested and safely certified for this purpose. So, I now add my golden triangle from the starter bundle to my water.

What do I mean exactly by that golden triangle? Well, in the starter kit, there are 11 oils that you can combine with the same function and that only strengthen each other. So, by means of a toothpick, I add Lemon, Thieves, and Purification to my drinking water. These are known to boost the immune system, just what I need during the fall and winter months.

My experience? I was relieved of my sore throat after 2 days. I also said goodbye to my runny nose after a week of suffering and hoping it would go away on its own. This boost really helped me. My immune system received support and embraced it with both arms.

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