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My 5 must-haves from the Gift Guide

Hey there, everyone! You've probably already seen it, that incredible gift guide from Young Living. I've shared it a few times on my stories, and here I'm giving you my top 5 gifts for yourself or your loved ones, along with the reasons why. This is my wish list. Enjoy!

The 12 Joyful Days Calendar

Because who wouldn't want to open a little gift for 12 days straight? This countdown calendar features 12 drawers to bring a smile to your face. Are you curious about what's inside? Starting on 1/12, I'll be opening a gift every other day on my stories. Inside, you'll find exclusive blends and gifts that you can't obtain any other way than through this calendar. The calendar also has a value higher than the purchase price, with a whopping 35% discount. The best part is that these products are not only perfect for yourself but also for your household, children, and pets. In short, a great gift for any family.

2. The freedom sleep kit

This exclusive collection invites you to leave behind the cares of the day and embrace a restful night's sleep. These relaxing, uplifting, and comforting scents create a cozy haven of tranquility for you and guide you to the perfect night's sleep, promising you many hopeful mornings ahead.

What exactly is in this kit? It includes AromaSleep (15 ml), Freedom (15 ml), Inner Harmony (15 ml), and Valor® (5 ml). Currently, it's even on promotion, and you can get a 15% discount on it.

3. The vannila mint lipbalm

A festive favorite! Vanillamint Lip Balm features a blend of vanilla, peppermint, spearmint, and plant-based oils to hydrate and nourish your lips. The balm is gentle and absorbs quickly. I've also added this one to my wish list. I'm very satisfied with the lavender lip balm, so this one is a must for adding a festive touch.

4. The cozy Chai body butter & body scrub

Discover the warmth of Cozy Chai Salt Scrub, enriched with pink Himalayan sea salt for luxurious skin exfoliation and a comforting scent reminiscent of chai lattes. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and embrace pure coziness. Complete the picture with Cozy Chai Body Butter, enriched with mango seed butter and jojoba oil for a visibly soft skin.

For my coffee and tea enthusiasts who enjoy a Chai Latte or dirty chai now and then, this is definitely a must-have to have at home.

5. Peace & Courage essential oil

Enrich your daily life with a touch of tranquility and courage. Uplift the spirit with this harmonious duo that includes the soothing allure of Peace & Calming® and the potent essence of Original Valor®.

Peace and Calming is a must-have for finding serenity during busy holidays. It can definitely support your inner balance under stress.

Valor Original is known for enhancing strength, courage, and self-confidence. If you ever feel a bit down, this one is certainly a mood booster for your inner self.


Feel free to leave your favorite in the comments and share why it's your top choice! I'm always very interested in your feedback.

Would you like to browse the catalog yourself? Click HERE.

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